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1999-11-24 | Ramsay-Sex-Trial

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On November 24th, a Saskatchewan jury convicted Reform MP Jack Ramsay of the sexual assault of a teenage girl. The incident took place while Ramsay was serving as a Mountie in Pelican Narrows in 1969. Jurors heard his taped statement to police. In it, Ramsay said he never heard any allegation of rape until the complainant contacted him last year.

Date: 1999-11-24
Placeline: Melfort, SK, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << she accused me of having raped her and I said to her I didn't rape you I said there wasn't even penetration that did it that didn't occur I had indicated to her except that I wish I sheen deflect had occurred to her and I felt that it had been it had embarrassed her and that that I felt bad about that from the time that it happened >>

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