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2001-03-10 | RCMP-Funeral

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About 600 police officers from across Canada joined mourners in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, for the funeral of RCMP Constable Jurgen Seewald on March 10th. Canadian Press reporter Alison Auld said the 47-year-old was remembered as a respected officer with a great sense of humor. (Seewald was shot while responding to a domestic dispute in the Nunavut community of Cape Dorset last March.)

Date: 2001-03-10
Placeline: Antigonish, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << he was described by many as being a very unselfish and compassionate man a man who many of the officers said that they would unreservedly put their life and and his hands he was also described by many people as as someone with a and outgoing personality and and one man described him as having a very impish grin who who was very fond of playing practical jokes on on his colleagues >>

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