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2014-08-14 | Robocalls-Trial

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Junior Conservative campaign staffer Michael Sona, the lone person charged in the 2011 robocall election scandal, was found guilty. Automated calls were made to more than 67-hundred phone numbers, mostly in Guelph and mostly Liberal supporters, informing them that their polling station had been relocated. Crown prosecutor Croft Michaelson said while it was the first conviction of its kind, the law had been on the books for some time. (Sona was sentenced to nine months in jail and one year probation on November 19th.)

Date: 2014-08-14
Placeline: Guelph, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's been an offense to prevents our endeavor to prevent people from voting, in an election for for a long period of time this is the first time that we've prosecuted this offense because we had evidence that, this type of conduct that had transpired in in an election >>

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