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1993-09-30 | Rodriguez-Robinson

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The Supreme Court of Canada -- in a 5-4 vote -- denied Sue Rodriguez's bid for a doctor-assisted suicide. The court ruled that Criminal Code sanctions against assisting in a suicide did not infringe her rights. Later, at a news conference with Rodriguez and her lawyer, New Democrat MP Svend Robinson paid tribute to a woman he said had single-handedly brought the issue onto the federal political agenda. He called her a "true Canadian hero."

Date: 1993-09-30
Placeline: Victoria, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << just a short time ago I was speaking with sue and she was asked how would you want to be remembered when you have died how would you want to be remembered by Canadians and sue said to me I want my son to be proud of me well I know that her son is very very proud of sue Rodriguez today and I know that all Canadians share that sense of pride in the accomplishments of this incredibly courageous dignified and strong woman >>

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