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1995-01-05 | Rogers-Cable-Complaints

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Rogers Cablesystems admitted it goofed in the way it offered new channels to its cable TV package subscribers. Company president Colin Watson apologized to customers at a Vancouver news conference and said customers would be able to keep their current packages at no added cost. To make amends, Watson said all Rogers customers could keep their extended-basic service at the same price they were paying. Customers wanting the new channels would pay an extra $2.65 per month to receive them. In addition, Rogers extended its free preview of new channels.

Date: 1995-01-05
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 16 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << we now know that we made a mistake and we apologize to our customers our customers have told us most explicitly that they would like to have the choice of not changing they want to keep what they have at the same price >>

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