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1997-07-19 | Salmon-Prince-Rupert-blockade

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More than 200 fishing boats blockaded an Alaskan ferry for three days in the harbor at Prince Rupert, BC. The Canadian fishermen were angry with what they said was overfishing of Canadian sockeye salmon by Alaskan fishermen. Bob Burkosky, one of the gillnetters participating in the blockade, said he was fighting for his livelihood.

Date: 1997-07-19
Placeline: Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << my entire livelihood is going to be gambled here in the north right now I'm paying for the lack of a treaty with the Americans if there's any gain for Canada and the fish were it won't happen here in the north it'll happen in the south and I won't be allowed to participate >>

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