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2013-10-22 | Senate-Expenses-Duffy

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In a riveting speech to his Senate colleagues over Ottawa's bid to suspend him and two other senators over improper expense claims, Mike Duffy claimed he was the victim of a "monstrous conspiracy" by the prime minister's office to snuff out controversy. Duffy said he had done nothing wrong, and should not be suspended from the Senate without pay or benefits. Six days later, on October 28th, Duffy dispensed more bombshell revelations in the Senate, this time about a second payment to cover his $13,560 legal bill in addition to the original 90-thousand dollar cheque from former P-M-O chief of staff Nigel Wright.

Date: 2013-10-22
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << let me repeat Deloitte investigated their audit of my expenses related to my home and PP I did not find wrongdoing and they said I had not broken the Senate's rules it was the fifteen members of the Senate board of internal economy who refused to accept the determination of the independent auditors at Deloitte why I still don't understand in those same senators who conspired to put me in this corner conspired to destroy my reputation with Canadians they are going to sit here in judgement of me let me be clear I've violated no wrong realize I follow the rules and I've got a ton of documentation including a memo two page memo from senator brightens office about it and I never received a single note from Senate finance or the leadership that suggested anything in my travels was a mess in fact those on the other side will remember how often I was lauded by the prime minister in a weekly meeting for all of the traveling I was doing and all of the assistance I was providing senator bursting who has been an honorable man throughout this, sad affair serving in this chamber is being a repeat the greatest public or professional honor I've ever had why would I want to subvert it or discredited and anyway I did not and I do not needless to say I strongly agree with the remarks made on the weekend by senator Siegel this motion is something one might expect to see in Iraq or Iran or in Vladimir Putin's Russia but not in democratic Canada it is not I repeat it is not fundamental justice >>

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