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1991-10-30 | Ships-Storm

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A Japanese fishing trawler with 22 people on board was battered by waves four-storeys high and was in danger of sinking about 175 kilometers south of Nova Scotia's Sable Island. A Canadian fisheries officer aboard the trawler, Judith Reeves of Chester, Nova Scotia, said in an interview by satellite telephone that it was a frightening situation and any rescue was still hours away. (They contained the flooding, got the steering fixed, and made it to port with no loss of life.)

Date: 1991-10-30
Placeline: Halifax, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I think that things are going to calm down a bit we have available of the trial which will be available in the area to render assistance hopefully that will be sometime around it crop this evening but unfortunately we will be able to get a line on because of the weather armed soldiers hoping that some were not gonna take any more damage otherwise we're going to have to abandon ship and if we do abandon ship I'll leave it up to your imagination >>

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