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1992-01-22 | Shuttle-Bondar

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The 45th space shuttle mission was strictly scientific, with no secret payloads or commercial satellite launches. Canada's Roberta Bondar and the other astronauts performed about 55 experiments in physics, biology and medicine -- experiments that could not be performed on Earth because of gravity. The night before the January 22 launch, Bondar released a statement in which she talked of dreaming about space flight as a child in northern Ontario. (The 46-year-old Bondar followed in the footsteps of Marc Garneau, who was aboard Challenger in 1984.)

Date: 1992-01-22
Placeline: Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << but I was too young to sign airplanes too young even to achieve my goal court as a girl guide or to become an eager basketball player I experienced a clear night skies of northern Ontario their arboreal the big dipper Polaris the Milky Way I would pretend that I was on an asteroid would rip foster an assignment in space or gathering up the red sands of Mars with commander Tom and could that happy and later roaring across the planet Mongo is flash Gordon's in search of his imperial Highness Ming the merciless who always turned out to be my sister Barbara I stuck together plastic models of early rockets wishing I had the finesse of HRH man who never seem to have blobs of goo attached to her airplane or tall ships I guess I was already in the solid rocket fuel every Patchen poster of the American space program sent by my aunt from Florida were treasures after all now I had some real astronaut stuff my parents were always there to facilitate the astronomical plans of their offspring holes in the closet for a gift from a special uncle crystal sets for our first radio contact with aliens in the Saint Mary's river every science fiction black and white movie on television was a must see for this earthling au lait mom had to watch the end of them for me after she checked under the beds and in the closets before I escape to my station bad and I tried at the young one might to escape the earth in my dreams now in a few short hours a few compared to the many months and years of training for IML one I will be granted the privilege and honor of touching the earth with my eyes my mind my heart and my soul all of you will be blended into the earth scape of blues Browns and greens while in turn I shall become part of a twinkle in the night sky it is significant indeed that this mission will be in the orbiter discovery for me it truly has been avoided discovery >>

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