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1992-10-29 | Shuttle-MacLean

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Canada's third astronaut in space sounded like he didn't want to come home. Floating on Columbia's flight deck, Ottawa's Steve MacLean told earthbound reporters he's had an incredible time, beginning with the launch. MacLean said the effects of zero gravity were so relaxing, "it's like you're in therapy 24-hours a day." He said he's grown two inches during the mission and was experiencing some back pain -- but it was not preventing him from sleeping.

Date: 1992-10-29
Placeline: Aboard "Columbia"
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 15 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I asked him about forty or fifty ads are not yet over a copy over there about what that would be like what the launch would be like and not one of them described it very accurately everyone said it would be a kick in the pants but let me tell you it kick in the pants >>

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