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1996-02-16 | Softwood-Lumber

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A truce of sorts was called in the softwood lumber dispute. BC agreed to limit its exports, and other lumber exporting provinces agreed to raise stumpage fees, in exchange for a five-year truce with the U-S lumber industry -- an industry which had challenged Canadian lumber exports since 1982. U-S Trade Ambassador Mickey Kantor said the deal was good for both sides, but warned he would act if the situation changed. (The deal took effect April 1st.)

Date: 1996-02-16
Placeline: Washington, DC, USA
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << this agreement will last for five years and provide the necessary relief and a level playing field that US companies and workers have sought for so long and certainly deserve however should this agreement fail I played use our trade laws to prevent further revision of my industries competitive position >>

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