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1982-01-30 | Solidarity

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Solidarity Day was marked on Parliament Hill with speeches and silent observation. Canadian Press reporter John McKay had this report.

Date: 1982-01-30
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << several hundred Polish Canadians and trade union sympathizers breathed a heavy snowfall together on the hill to hear brief speeches and to observe a moment silence for those workers already killed in the struggle in Poland CLC president Dennis McDermott was reported ill and unable to attend but as executive vice president Julie a majority of the crowd the blood of the solidarity martyrs was not shared in vain the head of the auror Polish Congress meter guy will leverage appealed to Canadians to wake up to the reality of the Soviet threat she had a message for some of their knowledge to we promise to do everything in our power to keep your ideals, live live the Polish guy blew up on the school the day was not without its partisanship though conservative MP Walter Becker took time out to criticize what he called the equivocal stance of the federal government here in responding to the Polish crisis John McKay on Parliament Hill >>

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