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1981-09-18 | Starnes-Mcdonald-Commission

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Former RCMP security service head John Starnes said the Mcdonald commission failed to mention what Starnes called an example of gross political interference with the security service. He said that in 1971, Jean-Pierre Goyer asked him to get the service to support an internal group within the Prime Ministers' Office called the 'Vidal' group, which was intended to fight separatism.

Date: 1981-09-18
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << one moment longer measurable met men who are the reasons why I would have felt it necessary to speak wrong turns to my minister of course what the proposal by Mr going and made in April nineteen seventy one that purpose aboard the activities of a group subsequently known to be out of the room which had been established by Marc about all in the prime minister's office and they were pretty calm about it combat Quebec separatism on the political level the report also meant mentioning that I felt so strongly on the it is my view would have been ignored I would have resigned and made public my reasons for doing >>

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