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1993-11-02 | Suicide-Erwin-Krickhahn

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An Ontario man joined the debate on assisted suicide when he invited the media to his own death, sometime in the near future. Erwin Krickhahn suffered from ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, the same disease that afflicted Sue Rodriguez. He decided to kill himself to protest 100-year-old legislation that said suicide is legal in Canada, but assisted suicide is not. Despite the crippling effects of ALS, Krickhahn said he would try, on his own, to take a fatal batch of sleeping pills -- and the media would be invited. He said for him, there was no more reason for living.

Date: 1993-11-02
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 17 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << every morning then I get out of it's for me a Holla every day so that's that's exactly what I have here and it is nothing pleasant for media anymore to wake up in the morning >>

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