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1980-09-22 | Terry-Fox-ends-run

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It was a year of hope in Canada, personified by Terry Fox of New Westminster, BC. Fox, who lost a leg to cancer. He began his cross-Canada marathon the "Marathon of Hope" to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. The marathon came to a sudden end in Thunder Bay, Ontario, September 22 when Fox told reporters his illness had returned.

Date: 1980-09-22
Placeline: Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << running and then fired north available to harness in reading and I didn't mean it in a day eighty miles, cartoon children said game and that's in my chest and I did three room on the other side of the goal throughout the and that was discovered and that, by a primary the primary cancer in my knee three and a half years ago and, that the cancer had spread residential marines >>

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