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2015-06-01 | Tobacco-Lawsuit

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A Quebec Superior Court ordered three Big Tobacco companies to pay 15.6-billion dollars to smokers in what was believed to be the biggest class-action lawsuit ever seen in Canada. Canadian Press reporter Peter Ray said in July the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled the tobacco companies did not have to pay the initial 1.13-billion dollar payment in case they were successful in appealing the judgment.

Date: 2015-06-01
Placeline: Montreal, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the judge wrote that by choosing not to inform either public health authorities or the public directly of what they do you the company's chose profits over the health of their customers one of the two lawsuits and eventually merged into one was filed by the late husband abilities play in nineteen ninety eight he died of lung cancer almost three years ago she says the couple was always confident of winning he likes to win and the same as a new three firms imperial tobacco Rothmans Benson and hedges and JT I mac Donald have already said they plan to appeal Peter right the Canadian press Montreal >>

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