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2000-10-21 | Tories-Campaign

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Joe Clark announced the federal election would be all about trust. Clark said the federal Liberals broke many promises since they came to power. Clark had harsh words for Prime Minister Jean Chretien as well as Industry Minister Brian Tobin, who quit as premier of Newfoundland after only 20 months. (Clarks comments on October 21st were aimed at influencing the nearly one third of the electorate that was undecided.)

Date: 2000-10-21
Placeline: St. Stephen, NB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << there's quite a bit of common ground between Brian Tobin and, junction they have in common is that you can't trust the they both break their word you can trust us when we tell you what we are going to try to do and you cannot trust the Liberal Party of Canada >>

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