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1971-05-00 | Trudeau-Margaret

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Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau says his wife Margaret is not a public figure.

Date: 1971-05-00
Placeline: On A Flight From Moscow
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I consider my marriage and, my family life as absolutely private dive of a void in every possible case I would avoid using that's an awful worried using my wife for political purposes by don't expect her to help me in campaigns I don't expect her to help me get any votes I don't expect her to go off and open orphanages are, had presided he parties are a she had balls and so on on her own hook as though she were a political person, trying to attack or attracting political attention I am the politician in the family when I am having a very brief visit in Canada and, he won't be with me price when I go to her own town of Vancouver when I go to my hometown of Montreal but she's not part of my political entourage that that were >>

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