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1983-11-20 | Trudeau-Peace-Trip

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Prime Minister Trudeau delivered a doomsday warning to the nuclear superpowers. Canadian Press reporter John McKay had this report.

Date: 1983-11-20
Placeline: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << however very for setting out to conduct diplomatic feelers and peeking in Moscow Trudeau told a state banquet here that is the flat fees initiative is designed to build a framework for international confidence and to avoid an international catastrophe he said it was of the utmost importance to alter the current climate of mounting hostility and distrust amongst the super powers although I we must all live with the ever present threat within the space of a few moments all our whole tribe of dreams in fact five could be reviewed two contaminated rubble Trudeau's that all men because I lived on the edge of the nuclear precipice and a collective political will is needed to reduce the threat of such a war John McKay and dot com Bangladesh >>

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