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1983-11-27 | Trudeau-Peace-Trip-China

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Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's peace mission arrived in Peking. Canadian Press reporter John McKay had this report.

Date: 1983-11-27
Placeline: Peking, China
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 42 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << prime minister Trudeau's piece flight arrive with the dawn in Peking Trudeau came here armed with the support of the Commonwealth heads of government for his detente initiative will be meeting later this day with the mentality on the set at a banquet in the great hall tonight and tomorrow as an audience with the number one man here vice premier Deng Xiaoping a trench coat clad Trudeau disembarked from the Canadian forces jet in the chilly morning mist proudly introduced his son Justin to the welcoming officials and was quickly whisked away by motorcade was state guest house Canadian prime minister hopes to return to New Delhi Tuesday evening with some positive word for coming off conference host prime minister Gandhi about the chances of a summit of the five nuclear superpowers John McKay with the prime minister in Peking >>

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