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2000-05-15 | Truscott-Review

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Almost 6,500 students from across BC and the Vancouver Symphony shattered a world orchestra record. They filled BC Place Stadium with Beethoven's 9th symphony for almost 10 minutes to beat a two-year-old mark set in Birmingham, England. Symphony music director Bramwell Tovey agreed it was a public relations exercise for the symphony but said there was more to it than that.

Date: 2000-05-15
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << this is a good news story are these are the six thousand children gathered here with the Vancouver symphony orchestra professional and amateur like and I think it's that it's time that we pay tribute to the educators the music educators particularly who actually have to battle with school budgets to get a little slice of school budget afterall in education without a strong musical component is not an education >>

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