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1996-04-05 | Vernon-Shootings

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It was the second worst mass murder in Canadian history. In Vernon, BC, nine members of the Gakhal family were gunned down by the estranged husband of one of the daughters. The family had gathered to prepare for a wedding when Mark Chahall arrived and opened fire. Chahall later committed suicide at a nearby hotel. RCMP Sergeant Doug Hartl explained what happened. (Chahall had threatened his ex-wife on at least one prior occasion. She advised police, but didn't want a formal investigation.)

Date: 1996-04-05
Placeline: Vernon, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the suspect went to the residence with more than one weapon and as a result of him going in a shooting and we are now left with, nine deceased victims as well as himself was shot himself >>

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