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1998-07-03 | Walker-Trial

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On July 6th, a jury in Exeter, England found Canadian Albert Walker guilty of murdering British businessman Ronald Platt, a man whose identity Walker had assumed years before. Canadian Press reporter Helen Branswell said the prosecution's case included forensic evidence taken from Platt's body when it was fished out of the ocean. Walker was still wanted in Canada for bilking millions from Ontario investors.

Date: 1998-07-03
Placeline: Exeter, England
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we heard about an anchor that was found with the body we heard about this think apart from the inside of, model part build which they believe came from that anchors there with this, injury to the back of the head which I believe, which would render him unconscious there were hairs found on the boat and then of course there were the lies about the Walker told >>

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