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1996-03-29 | West-Coast-salmon

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Federal Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin announced a plan to cut the BC commercial salmon fleet of 44-hundred boats in half. There would be a voluntary 80-million-dollar license buy-back program and changes to licensing. Mifflin said action was needed to prevent the Pacific salmon fishery from going the way of the Atlantic cod fishery.

Date: 1996-03-29
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << and while it may not be perfect and I'm not here due to suggest that it is perfect it is a measure that is necessary and like a lot of measures when you're dealing with uncertainty sometimes you always don't get it right and we're prepared we will look at and see how it goes but we have to start somewhere in Asia we just I cannot sit back as minister of fisheries and let the condition that has existed essentially for twenty five or thirty years continue >>

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