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1996-02-08 | Westray-Inquiry

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There was gripping testimony at the inquiry into the Westray explosion. Miner after miner told their story. Many talked about a buildup of dangerous coal dust and methane gas in the mine. One miner, Carl Guptill, quit his job at Westray because of unsafe conditions, but kept in touch with his former crew. He said at a meeting just weeks before the May 1992 explosion, they made him promise to go public if there was a blast. Carl Guptill kept that promise. He was the first person to go public about unsafe practices at Westray. The day after the explosion he started talking.

Date: 1996-02-08
Placeline: Stellarton, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << did they talk about of a potential disaster yes in what terms did they talk about it Mister doctor that one shift would have the entire shift boss what did they make you promise that if they were the ones that were killed that I would tell the world a lot what was going on >>

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