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1992-10-03 | Yellowknife-mine-explosion

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Nine miners died in an explosion at the Giant Yellowknife gold mine in mid-September -- a blast the RCMP labelled a multiple homicide. The finding only fueled the bitterness and violence from a five-month-old strike at the mine. At a memorial service for the nine men, Salvation Army Captain Al Hoeft said people in the divided city of Yellowknife must work to put the terrible event behind them. (During the ecumenical service, a red rose was dedicated to each of the miners killed in the explosion. A 10th was dedicated to the families of the men killed in the May disaster at the Westray mine in Nova Scotia.)

Date: 1992-10-03
Placeline: Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 18 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << and as a community we desire to demonstrate our love and support for the families of nine men who died the morning of September eighteenth and as a community we gather to share our pain and to begin the journey toward whole >>

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