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1992-07-28 | Yugoslavia

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Canadian peacekeeping troops passed command of the Sarajevo airport to a French battalion sent to replace them. The Canadian UN contingent began heading back to Croatia the next day, but some remained behind to continue escort duties into the city until their relief battalions arrived. Captain Doug Martin, a spokesman for the Canadian Forces in Sarajevo, said the Canadian troops carried out their mission. (The 800 Canadians under the command of Major-General Lewis MacKenzie had been in the Bosnian capital since July 2nd, when they made a 300-kilometre two-day trek through Serbian and Muslim-Croat-held areas to reach the besieged city.)

Date: 1992-07-28
Placeline: Sarajevo
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's important for people to know that the Canadians were were sent here with a particular mission of securing the airport airport and starting the lines of communications for humanitarian aid to get into Sarajevo and we've done that that has been accomplished that's the most important part of our mission >>

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