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1996-11-20 | Zaire-Rwanda-refugees

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Hundreds of thousand of Rwandan refugees left Zaire for home in mid-November. Canadian Press correspondent Gloria Galloway toured a refugee way station in Rwanda and described what she called "heart-rending scenes" as the refugees were loaded onto trucks.

Date: 1996-11-20
Placeline: Luhondo, Rwanda
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << people were trying to clamber onto the structure this barely breathing space there be little kids reading for their mothers who are obviously somewhere trapped in the middle of these tracts of people being carted away while the little kids or are trying to get on and they can't get on and the and they're going to have a a lot of displaced children in this country when this whole thing of the while this whole thing of being ironed out so I myself saw at least two kids separated from the moment this morning >>

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